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Dear User!

We are committed to protecting your privacy and want you to feel comfortable while using our services. This is why we would like to present you with the most important information on principles regarding cookies used by our Website.


As part of the Website operations, we conduct analytical activities aimed at increasing its intuitiveness and accessibility – this takes place if your browser settings allow such activities. As part of the analysis, we will take the way you navigate the Website into consideration, for example, how much time you spend on a given webpage, or which places of the Website you click on. That way, we can customise the layout and appearance of the Website and the content we post on it to suit the needs of Users.


Our Website, like most Internet websites, uses the so-called cookies. These cookies:

  • are stored in the memory of your device (computer, mobile phone, etc.);
  • do not introduce any changes in the settings of your device.

On this Website, cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • collecting statistical data
  • collecting marketing data

To learn how to manage cookies and disable them in your browser, you can use your browser's help files. You can get more information about this topic by pressing F1 while using the browser. Additionally, you can find relevant information on the following subpages, depending on the browser you use:

By using the appropriate options of your browser, you can, at any time:

  • delete cookies,
  • block the use of cookies in the future.

In these cases we will no longer process them.

More information on cookies is available on Wikipedia.